Monna Kay


Welcome....... . . . my world.  A world filled with light and color and imagination.  I hope you see something here that tickles your senses and arouses the joy within.  Take your shoes off.  Stay awhile.  Take a look at What’s New, What’s Sold, and What’s Happening in this Artist’s life. 

I am awestruck by the endless wonders of GOD’s hands; his creations never cease to amaze and inspire me.  I enjoy painting figures, animals, and action.  I photographed horses for several years and am drawn to the beauty and power of the horse.  I love capturing the history,  colors, and action of the Western lifestyle.  I am fascinated with the concentration and synchronization of horse and rider.  My photography and darkroom experience greatly influenced the way I compose my images,  fill the picture plane, and sometimes frame my subjects.  I invite you into my paintings with loosely created backgrounds and interestingly cropped images.  As I paint, I strive for spontaneous,  intimate reactions that occur when artist, idea, and medium meet in unrestricted ways.  I revel in the joy that comes from letting my paint act like paint.  I believe that the unknown is more exciting than the known and that each brush stroke is beautiful.  I’m a watercolorist at heart, an avid experimenter, and I often use unconventional methods to achieve what I imagine.  In art, as in life, knowing when to stop and walk away is important.

I feel blessed to be able to share this with you and I hope you make the time to enjoy the magnificent wonders surrounding you and yours.   
                                                                                                   Monna Kay
“The most beautiful thing we
can experience is the unknown.”
                 Albert Einstein